Bronies acceptance is soaring


As any respectable netizen knows, bronies are grown men who unashamedly love the My little pony show in all its aspects – often including clopping, which is named after the sound of a hoof rapidly moving up and down while looking at questionable fan-submitted pictures. This is of course enough to make them the laughingstock of kinky circles, down there with the furries. But things are slowly changing.

Thanks to the global economic crisis, corporations are trying every strategy to get the last few pennies out of their customers’ pockets. Case in point, North American airline jetBlue (a ponish name in itself): in the last few months it launched a viral brony-oriented campaign subtly indicating its support for this niche community – which had already created a semi-official airline pony as a sign of friendship.

But what about clopping? JetBlue’s Manager of Corporate Communications Morgan Johnstons was exemplar: «Ahh Rule 34. Common now. You think I’m new to the web?».