More than a game: Coming out simulator

coming out simulator

If you are still pondering the very XX-centurish question of «can video games be art?» it is now time to move on. In fact, games can even be a great way to explore sexuality. In the past I have written about this already, but I think I’ve stumbled on something so smart and well done that everybody should play it.
The title is simply Coming out simulator, and you can find it by clicking here. A full game takes about fifteen minutes, during which you are put in the shoes of a teenage boy faced with the prospect of informing his parents that he is gay and that his “friend” is actually his boyfriend. To play you just have to choose your phrases and responses from a list – influencing the story developments.

What makes the game even more touching is how the dialogs and events are based on the actual life experiences of Nicky Case, the author, who frequently interrupts the action to offer his funny and endearing comments on your/his choices. Feeling detached is simply impossible, even if you are as straight as they come.
I reached the end of the game as a richer and more understanding person. And the very last line will stay with you long after you turn off your computer.