Lady Gaga smells black


The shipping wil begin in September under the propitiatory name of her debut album, which gave her global success: Fame. The real news however is that Lady Gaga’s new work is not a musical one, but a perfume – and an outrageously fetish one, of course.

Experts say that it is revolutionary because its ingredients (orchid, jasmine, honey, saffron and apricot) are perceived as one complex fragrance instead of a series of different smells. The final touch is an accent of belladonna, which in the Eighteenth century was a fashionable poison exactly because it can’t be smelled – but I wouldn’t think too much about it.

In fact, I find it much more interesting how a little chemical magic makes Fame as black as ink… until it touches the skin, becoming invisible. This techno-dark peculiarity is the core of its latex-centered ads (featuring inflatable heels!) and the promotional videos shot in an improbable factory full of beautiful male models. Fetish, as always, sells.