Meet the new Christian Grey (or not)

Jamie Dornan

The 50 shades of Grey movie – the first in a trilogy, of course – is supposed to debut next August. The doubtful tone derives from the simple fact that no shooting has begun yet, nor the cast has been confirmed.
The silver screen adaptation of the best-selling erotic novel was a troubled production from the start – especially because American theatres customarily stay away from X-rated films, which a straight transposition would be, given that the book is essentially a pornographic romance novel. The theatrical release will probably be a very toned down affair in order to gain a proper distribution, leaving “uncensored director’s cut” versions for a later home video release. And this is not even the biggest problem.

The real issue with this project is that no sensible actor wants to kill his professional career with a dead-end role like the Shades protagonist’s. Connery will always be Bond, Elijah Wood won’t ever get Frodo off his face, but… who can knowingly become “the sleazy hunk from that mom porn stuff” for the rest of his life? Hollywood can be hell – and the rumoured pay of just $200,000 sure isn’t enough to shoot yourself in the foot.
This is why a slew of male leads have been announced briefly enough to benefit from the publicity, yet fled soon thereafter. After Charlie Hunnan’s defection the hot potato is now in the manly hands of Jamie Dornan, a former lingerie model without much clout to lose. You are forgiven if you never heard of him, but until the next candidate, here he is in an old Dior ad showing his acting skills.