Would you have sex with me?

Sex proposal experiment

No, not with me – I’m fine, thanks. But this simple question was the key element of a semi-serious field experiment I have been wanting to show you for a while now.
It goes like this: a nice-looking person goes on a walk, asking other people of the opposite sex whether they’d like to have sex. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Come to think of it, sex is one of the basic functions of every animal – humans included – right after eating, excreting and sleeping. From an eminently logical standpoint, there should be nothing strange in asking politely about it… but here’s where social conditioning kicks in, with puzzling results.

First among them: most of the times people react very negatively. Taking offense, getting angry and sometimes physically violent, threatening unreasonable punisments («I’m calling the police and you’re going to jail!») and more. Sure, the experiment took place in schizopuritan America – yet there is absolutely no sense in this.
The second easy observation is the different reaction the same offer gets when the proposal comes from a woman or a man. Spoiler for the following videos: the male is rejected 100 times, one after the other. The female has almost a 50% success ratio. I’ll let you ponder the meaning of this in the comments. For the moment, just enjoy the clips.