This is what the XXI century looks like


You can now free a little space next to the photo of the tiny man with the shopping bags stalling the tanks in Tienanmen square: if that picture became a symbol for the XX century, I feel confident to bet that the above one will become equally important for the twenty-first one.

The nice half-naked lady with the chainsaw is a member of the Ukrainian collective Femen, which has long been fighting – bare-breasted – against sexual discrimination and exploitation in “differently civilized” countries. On the other hand, the thing she just cut down is the symbol of the sect that a few days ago collaborated with the Russian government to arrest and sentence to two years of harsh imprisonment three girls from the Pussy Riot group, “guilty” of having staged a performance denouncing the collusion of the Church with dictator Vladimir Putin.

This page of the Femen blog offers (in Russian) further details and more pictures from the retaliation, which to me looks like a rather clear explanation of the feelings of a healthy civilized society towards the abuses of power perpetrated by corrupted cults.