Your next sex toy will read your mind

Dave Williams

Would you trust the guy in the photo? Well, you actually should, as this clearly mad scientist is Dave Williams, and the thing he’s wearing is the prototype of the most revolutionary and amazing sex toy I’ve ever heard of. As in ‘telepathic’. Interested now?
You can read all the details about it on Project Neurokink, a blog devoted to the developments of this incredible research. However, the short and not-too-technical version of it is: Mattel sells a toy (seen in the below video) based on a low cost yet quite sophisticated EEG (“brain waves”) sensor. Dave hacked it and connected it to a couple of sex toys, namely a vibrator and an electro-stimulation unit. His initial goal is extremely kinky, as he wants to give the toys the ability to tease their victims until they are on the brink of orgasm… and then stop, restarting only when a relative calm has returned. The bastard.

Reading his Wile E. Coyotish blog many other possibilities spring to mind – all of them easily achievable through simple software reprogramming. You could have toys whose intensity is controlled directly by your mind – or your partner’s – and actual teledildonicdevices allowing you to feel the other person’s every reaction even if he is miles away; you could build something that uses your neural feedback to stimulate you even better than you could by yourself; the BDSM implications are countless…
Before all of this can be built, however, there is a non-trivial obstacle to overcome yet. The sensor wasn’t built to detect pleasure levels or orgasms. In fact, Mr. Williams is currently trying to map what these sensations look like to the hardware, so it can recognize them – but no two brains are completely alike, so some serious sampling is underway. If you can’t wait to try the device and you happen to be in London you are welcome to contact Dave, who is looking for more guinea pigs volunteers.