A new era for Sadistique

Sadistique invitation cards

As a rule, my posts on ayzad.com are faithfully translated between their Italian and English versions. This is going to be an exception, since the original text was about the undue drama surrounding the recent announcement of my co-host abandoning the organization of the Sadistique play party.
I figured you are likely not to harbor any interest in the petty dynamics of the BDSM scene in Italy, so this is the abridged version, containing just the facts that might concern my international audience.

Sadistique is a monthly play party I have been organizing in Milano since 2005, with the help of a revolving cast of esteemed co-hosts. It has now reached its 128th edition, and with time it has become an established institution both for Italian kinksters and people visiting from abroad. It is a pretty small thing compared to some other mega-events worldwide, but it has grown to be a beloved destination for lifestyle players and people enjoying the heavier – or at least the more committed – range of these games.
In fact, its formula has worked so well that it hasn’t really evolved for the last eleven years. Not a major issue, mind you, but it sure may feel a little bit off for the current climate, where people have a simultaneously broader and less engaged view of BDSM. So we had set off to update the format enough to keep it relevant and innovative as Sadistique has always been.

Now, just as we were getting ready to deploy said updates, my co-host moved 400 kilometers away from Milano (which is a considerable distance by our local standards) and realized the effort required to keep working on the party was rather harsh on his not-so-youthful self. This, combined with very minor differences in our views of how the event should shape up in the future, lead to his decision to focus on another kinky event he has been organizing for an even longer time. That’s it – no shocking news, as promised.

What this all boils down to is simply that, starting November 6th, Sadistique will change just enough to introduce a new kind of experience of attending a BDSM party. Should you happen in Milano on any first Sunday of the month, you are very welcome to enjoy it with me and many other friendly enthusiasts.