Ayzad featured at the Triennale museum in Milano


I am not superstitious, but you can’t turn down a good omen when you see one. Yesterday I visited an exhibition called Kama – Sex and design at the Triennale museum in Milano, featuring venerable erotic masterpieces as Dali’s Mae West Lips Sofa or the controversial work of Jaimie McCartney. It started as an interesting afternoon, but when I got to Matali Crasset’s installation I was treated with a surprise that really made my day.

The piece is called Chuchotements (French for ‘whispers’), and it deals with the exploration of casual sensual encounters and how erotic words sound. In practical terms, this means that people can comfortably recline as unseen strangers read them from classic – and not so classic – sexy books, and vice versa.
This of course calls for a hefty assortment of suitable works to be read, so the installation includes a nice library. And there, unexpectedly and very prominently, I found… my two books, BDSM – A guide for explorers of extreme eroticism, and XXX – The dictionary of unusual sex.

Ayzad featured at the Triennale museum Ayzad featured at the Triennale museum

So there you are. You are officially reading the blog of a writer featured at the world-famous Triennale. This sure beats the baffling Valentine time when I discovered my work paired with Padre Pio stuff, as shown below…
However, I’ll take this episode as the sign of a great year to come. Happy 2013, everyone!