Finally, it’s Sadistique season again!

Sadistique September 3, 2017

OK, holidays may be over, but this also means the time is now right for Sadistique, the legendary BDSM party in Milano! The September 3rd Sunday edition, from 15.00 to 20.00, will signal the beginning of a new season… and we promise it will bring a smile back on your faces.

The dress code theme this month will be “Whips & Chains“: almost a cliché idiom, but also a cool challenge to create an outfit of a kind that is not that actually common in this environment.

Also, this time between one play session and the other, the famous Milanese BDSM event will offer:


  • really unique Master Class on tickling, a quirky erotic (or torturous) art that will be seriously discussed regardless of the laughter. Delia Casterly e Bruce have promised ample opportunities for the participants to experiment things, so be ready to play
  • An unprecedented encounter with Valentina Neri’s award-winning erotic poetry, inspired by her own BDSM experiences
  • The long-awaited debut of the new kinky photowork by Nicholas Bastianello, who has captured the soul of Sadistique using a technique designed over half a century ago
  • Dan Barry‘s photoset, where you’ll be able to get an unforgettable portrait and maybe win two tickets for the next party 
…and of course top-notch equipment, a safe and ideal environment, and above all lots of other kinksters with whom to talk, make friends and play together. 
By the way, remember that Sadistique offers a €10 reduction at the door for anyone under 30!
See you in via Mondovì 7, Milano: if you have any question, you will find all the information you need on the official party website.