Holy burlesque show, Batman!


‘Burlesque’ is a widely misused word. Rehashing on a stage the same tired set of seventy-years old moves while getting undressed is actually called a strip tease – and while it can occasionally be an entertaining diversion, it really doesn’t have much to it. A real burlesque show, on the other hand, is supposed to be a lighthearted social satire where nudity is just a little part of a larger picture, often involving many connected acts.

The Vanguard Theatre in Sydney, in example, gained some notoriety in geek circles for getting the ironic element with its The empire strips back show, parodying the Star warsuniverse and its obsessive fans. Its success was so huge it even spawned a whole racy magazine on that theme. Yet it was nothing compared to its newest masterpiece, which rides on the ridiculous success of another movie franchise.
The Batman follies of 1929 show is a real, historically accurate burlesque format including many non-nude performers and lots more variety than the ‘a few retro girls get naked’ concept. If you feel like philosophizing, you are welcome to ponder thedownward spiral of good taste while you watch the show teaser.