MasterClass season begins

Bettie Page spanked

So. With the English-language edition of BDSM – A Guide for Explorers of Extreme Eroticism finally completed and already rushing to your bookshelves, I can now take a little breather before getting down to write the next book. Lately, a big part of my working day is focused on getting the rebooting of Sadistique right, but I am also very happy to be back in the education game with a series of seminars called – obviously – MasterClass.

Should you happen to be in Italy in the next months, you are welcome to come and see what they are all about in two distinct monthly venues. MasterClasses will be held during the aforementioned Sadistique party in Milano on each first Sunday of the month, and at the La Regina Nera party in Bologna on the second Fridays. I am going to keep the two programs well separated, so you aren’t likely to get any repeat workshop should you want to stalk me around. First on the list is a talk about Consent, Negotiation and Safewords, to make sure your BDSM sessions won’t elicit the sort of worried and disappointed face the ever-lovable Bettie Page has in the above picture. 

The full list of my next appearances is available as always on my official website (just look at the left column on a desktop computer, or dig around if you connect by mobile devices). For my foreign fans, I am also toying with the idea of setting up online seminars – but I first need to gauge your interest in that. What about letting me know your thoughts about that in the Comments?