South Korea Vs. Japan – Battle to the last… orgasm?


It doesn’t take a sociologist to notice the cultural envy South Korea often displays toward Japan, which inspired many half-assed knock-offs in the past. The one field where the country usually beats the original is sex toys design, as the success of theDream love chair can attest: born in a Korean robotics lab in 2006, that frightening piece of erotic furniture immediately became a staple of the best Japanese “love hotels”, and to this date remains a big hit.

Talking about toys, however, nothing is bigger than the Tenga eggs from Japan. The trendy “male masturbation aid” recently broke the 20 million units sold record, winning (at least for now) by inches over Fleshlights the worldwide battle for the title of best-selling sex toy of 2012. Could South Korea not get in the game, then?

The Kinsey multifunction system is an incredibly Blade runner-ish looking piece of erotic technology hellbent on crushing its competitors through pure biomechanical power. Instead of a simple silicone sleeve, the device contains a slightly surreal reproduction of a human mouth complete with lips, tongue and throat. A series of controls allows to set a custom level of “vacuum”, sound and palatal-pharyngeal tightness, bringing the human race one little step closer to the actual purpose of fifty thousand years of scientific progress: the perfect sex android. And let’s not forget its bonus: it is guaranteed not to cause embarrassing misunderstandings if left around.