The map of desire


PornMD is a search engine for pornographic contents, owned by the same group managing YouPorn, the giant, dirty version of YouTube which boasts an incredibly huge users base. This means that PornMD has access to an immense database of the search keywords most used in each country… and they were so nice that they made them public. The data collect the searches from the last six months. They can be examined through a graphic interface and they are a dream come true for every sociologist and psychologist. In fact, you just need a quick glance to notice a few pretty curious trends:

  • The more something is forbidden, the more it feels arousing

The hottest sex fantasy for Chinese people is… having sex with the Japanese, their millenary foes. In Islamic countries homosexuality can be punished with death, yet they look for gay videos online; the United States’ youth-obsessed culture produced a fascination with MILFs; the Bible Belt is keen on black people; just about everywhere incests, rapes and teenagers go rather strong.

  • Everyone is curious about his neighbor

The first search term in most countries is the country itself. This is probably due to a mix of voyeurism and hope of recognizing a known face.

  • Real porn stars are those who do something else

While there are tens of thousands of male and female porn actors, the most searched for names are those who entered the mainstream media (or come from there). Television celebrities, book authors, fashion models and so on. But enough with theories. Visit the interactive map and… have fun!