The saucy consequences of the Greek crisis for sport


You are probably already aware of the dire crisis Greece is suffering. The news have extensively (and badly) explained every aspect of what’s happening in front of the Parthenon… but one. The general lack of money has brought to its knees even the world of sports, especially the amateur ones. The small Voukefalas soccer team from the town of Larissa, in example, suddenly lost all its sponsors and was risking foreclosure… until team manager Yannis Batziolas had an especially bright idea.

The team has now been training for a few weeks wearing nice pink jersey branded with “Soula’s House of History” and “Villa Erotica”, two local brothels which were very happy to help the players. «If we don’t help our scientists and athletes, where will we be?» said Soula Alevridou, the 67-years old owner of the two whorehouses. «Greece has educated, cultured people and good athletes. It’s better to help them than take our money to Switzerland.»

Voukefalas managed to avoid one crisis, but another problem looms on the horizon. The city council passed a decree forbidding the use of the new jerseys during actual games, saying they violate sport ideals and that they are inappropriate for underage fans. Mrs. Alevridou promised to oppose this discrimination before a judge.

Waiting for the trial, the team lost its fourth game in a row despite the promise of a “special treatment” at the sponsoring business if they won.