This December Sadistique will be as white as Christmas

Sadistique in white

When I first experimented with publishing the details of my Sadistique party on this website too, I didn’t expect such a strong interest toward the event from my foreign readers. However, your messages convinced me to carry on the tradition, so… here’s the full text of this month’s newsletter.


This December, Christmas won’t be the sole white event of the season. In fact, the December 3rd edition of Sadistique, the classic BDSM afternoon party in Milan, will be dedicated to this very color, to dispel once and for all the legend of extreme eroticism necessarily having to be wearing black.

This month’s dress code will simply be “White“. As usual, this doesn’t mean you have to wear that color from head to toe – and yet, that would be a touch of class! – but that incorporating one white item or detail will increase your chances to win the photo award for the best themed portrait. The prize is two tickets for the next Sadistique, so it is worth the effort of creating a paler kinky character than usual.  

This time, between a play session and the next, the legendary BDSM event in Milano is offering:

…and of course top-notch equipment, a safe and ideal environment, and above all lots of other kinksters with whom to talk, make friends and play together. 

By the way, remember that Sadistique offers a €10 reduction at the door for anyone under 30!

See you in via Mondovì 7, Milano: if you have any question, you will find all the information you need on the official party website.