This February, the theme of Sadistique will be The Day of the Masks!

Kinky mask

Here in Italy, the carnevale is a pretty important celebration best described as a street masquerade. Fun fact: in Milan it is celebrated on a different day from the rest of the country… but although they are both on February, this coming Sunday the 4th, from 3 PM to 8 PM, the masks that are going to convene to Sadistique, the most famous BDSM party in Italy, will be of a whole different kind. In fact, this month the event’s theme is The Day of the Masks. A day in which you can take on a different face, but also a different identity, role, and play style. What will we create together this time?

As usual, the masks are just a game within the game and not a requirement. The only strictly enforced dress code is the basic one, unchanging from one month to the next. However, if you need some idea for your outfit, we prepared a truly spectacular gallery full of examples. Because it is true that wearing a mask is optional, but doing so will improve your chances to win the contest for the best on-topic portrait. The prize is two tickets for the next edition of Sadistique!  

Also, besides lots of play, this edition will offer:

    • A new setup for the play spaces: an experiment allowing the use of a whole new room dedicated to bondage.
    • A MasterClass that could revolutionize your idea of sex: Miss Clitoride will guide us to the discovery of The Secret Spots of Female Pleasure, thanks to her unique expertise both as an obstetrician and a sex educator.
    • A – slightly narcissistic, all right, but spectacular – exhibition of the portraits of the guests of the first two years of the new course of Sadistique.
    • A photographer just for you: Gipiphoto, who can provide an unforgettable portrait which, should you choose to publish it, could earn you two tickets for the next party.

…and of course top-notch equipment, a safe and ideal environment, and above all lots of other kinksters with whom to talk, make friends and play together.

By the way, remember that Sadistique offers a €10 reduction at the door for anyone under 30!

See you in via Mondovì 7, Milano: if you have any question, you will find all the information you need on the official party website.