Welcome to the Fistine Chapel


What’s more beautiful for a loving couple than a romantic getaway to some exclusive and elegant country hotel? Surrounded by nature’s grace and pampered by courteous and friendly professionals, your everyday worries melt away leaving room for relaxing completely, rekindling your spousal harmony and passion. Just like in a fairytale, you can indulge in forgotten pleasures like a succulent breakfast in bed, placid pauses by the pool and in Jacuzzis, walks in the park, fisting…

Hey, hold on there! What has fisting to do with this?
As a matter of fact, when we talk about La Fistinière, an elegant bed and breakfast roughly 200 kilometers south of Paris, that’s the whole point of it. The XVII century buildings have been renewed by François and Juan Carlos, a couple deeply devoted to this practice, who turned them into a fister’s paradise: in addition to organizing themed parties and making available special furniture and sterilized toys, they even got an artist to decorate the roofs of the main playroom with custom frescos, transforming it in the… ‘Fistine Chapel”.

Bad puns aside, it is always fascinating to see what a real passion for extreme eroticism can lead to. In the below video you can see for yourself the results of such work; if you understand French you will also be amazed by the near-mystical vision the owners have of a practice so intense. For further information and booking (open to women and heterosexual couples too) you can visit La Fistinière official websiteinstead.