So this is what ‘exhibition’ means


If you happen to visit Vienna before March 4th there is an exhibition you may want to check out, titled Nackte männer (‘Nude men‘ in English), whose content should be rather intuitive. The best day to visit has unfortunately passed already, for on February 18th the Leopold Museum held a special nudists‘ day which attracted about 60 naked visitors, mostly male.

The originally unplanned initiative had an even stranger story, as it was born out of an incident in which a visitor just removed his clothes and calmly walked among the exhibits until a perplexed guard asked him to get dressed again. The event was reported in the news, and in the following days the museum received hundreds of calls from all over the world asking whether it was possible to actually take a nude tour.
While some citizens found the concept of nudity offensive and managed to get some “modesty tape” applied on the – naked, obviously – public advertisements of the exhibition, the museum director had no objection to the requests, hence the picture above. Now I’m wondering what could I get away with at the Triennale in Milano…