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Peter Acworth
Peter Acworth

Bummer. Just a few days ago I was raving about… but things seem to have suddenly turned pretty ugly for Peter Acworth, and this looks like just the beginning of a story rolling rapidly downhill.
To summarize, the founder of BDSM video giant was arrested on drugs-related charges during a police raid at his Armory studios in San Francisco – prompted by firearms shots heard from the dismissed firing range within the former military fortress.

Surprisingly, Acworth’s habits are the lesser of his problems here. The unregulated shootings became evidence for a lack of safety at the studios, which in turn raised awareness of possibly shady company ethics. Being the biggest player in the rather small arena of alternative porn, has often been criticized by its employees – but one thing leads to another and all hell finally broke loose with a long critique recently posted online by activist and former employee Maggie Mayhem.
While her writing initially seems to be about a different topic, it soon goes into a worrying description of her personal experience with the company, detailing several incidents which sound especially bad when compared to the squeaky-clean public image of
It is way too early to draw conclusions on all of this, but you probably want to read it yourself and get an insight about the darker side of the darkest site around.

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