Since 2004, part of my activities involves organizing nights dedicated to extreme eroticism. From small private parties to grand, internationally-known events, I offer my expertise to ensure quality, safety, laws compliance and above all an unforgettable experience for all the guests.

In a semi-public context, fetish and BDSM are of course experienced in a different way than the intimate sacredness of the private dimension, offering many new pleasures to be discovered. To some it’s about exhibitionism, to others it’s the opportunity to use special play furniture and tools or spectacular and well-insulated areas, or maybe to seduce and play with new people. In any case, these events give everyone the chance to meet other enthusiasts with whom to talk, discuss, start a friendship or even a new love. Watching them at play also allows to discover new otherwise inaccessible forms of sensual exploration, and often to be delightfully surprised.

Sadistique logo

Sadistique (2005 – )

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Secret Fetish Party (2007 – )

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Alias Club (2011)

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Black Ball (2006)

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Revolution (2004)