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Ayzad - The guide for explorers of unusual sex


This is a constantly updated list of the most interesting free websites I found for kinksters.

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Online edition of the famous erotic magazine
BDSM club in Berlin
Incredible "second skins" for rubberdolls
Great online leather shop
Fetish fashion couturier and online shop
Hotel with BDSM suites in Amsterdam
What the name says
Imaginative fetish footwear
BDSM and fetish club in Bonn
Fetish and BDSM shop in downtown Rome
The largest (and not necessarily the best) personal ads website for extreme eroticisms fans
Bookstore specializing in hard-to-find sex-related publications
The most important collection of articles and reviews about chastity belts and devices
Organizers of the largest fetish parties in the USA
Everything about piercings and tattoos
The largest European fetish footwear shop
Bar, club and art gallery in Tokyo
Exceptional collection of BDSM essays
Doctoral dissertation about BDSM culture in the USA
BDSM performers
Online shop for extra-large enema nozzles
nità focalizzata sugli aspetti psicologici del Bdsm[:en]Community focused on the psychological aspects of BDSM
Huge collection of links about foot fetishism
Designer of very original and extreme corsets
Giant online BDSM supermarket
International association for professional piercers
Excellent reference for information about body arts and body modification
Very elegant fetish couturier
Historical brand of corsets of every kind
BDSM blacksmith. Wonderful collars and accessories
Excellent resource about gender identity problems
24/7 relationships manual
"Alternative" dildos and strap-ons
Scale furniture for adult babies
Fetish lingerie
Manufacturer of fantasy "dragon" sex toys
Industrial-strength paddles
"En pointe" foot shaper tool
International balloon fetishists community
Hand-dyed natural fibers ropes in countless colors
Natural-fibers bondage ropes specialists
Fetish parties in Munich, Germany
Interesting BDSM online magazine
Dungeon furniture and tools specialists
Big collection of information and links about the Austrian Scene
Portal website about BDSM in Berlin
A collection of BDSM-related cultural artifacts
Kinky personals in UK
Confusing yet interesting collection of kinky information
Dungeon furniture
A calendar of BDSM events
Listing of BDSM events in the USA - plus a small vendors selection
BDSM online magazine
The largest online collection of BDSM stories
Digital online BDSM magazine in Portuguese
Big website portal about the Swiss-German Scene
International activists for the rights of BDSM people
BDSM community
Large educated list of session-friendly music
Thoughts about BDSM as a lifestyle
BDSM personals for francophone countries
BDSM apartment for rent in Berlin, Germany
Fetish fashion, especially in leather
Informal meetings among BDSM enthusiasts in Berlin
One of the best whipmakers worldwide
Heavy-duty legspreading devices
Fetish party in Zagreb, Croatia
BDSM-inspired jewelry
Nice dungeon for rent in central London
Official website of the Fifties' fetish pin-up girl
Classy and intense erotic jewelry
Fetish shop in Barcelona
Serious Italian blog about bisexuality
Petplay accessories and more
Bespoke rubber clothings
Original leather and metal toys... and dungeon furniture
Unique latex and masks specialists
Inexpensive opaque contact lenses for sensory deprivation
Online encyclopedia about body modifications
Swarovski crystal crops and handcuffs
The world's most important and trustworthy resource about body modification
Quick primer about choosing safe sex toys
Latexwear in really unique colors, textures and styles
Piercing and body modification studio in Trieste
BDSM furniture
Manufacturer and seller of bondage tape in every color
Collection of simple bondage tutorials
Video and photo bondage tutorials
One of the world's largest website for kinky personal ads
Medical BDSM toys and more
Online shop for male fetish boots
Articles and essays about lifestyle slavery
Interesting musings on the deeper meaning of BDSM slavery
Fetish party in Amsterdam
Very comprehensive self bondage resource
Excellent source for relatively inexpensive violet wands
Bondage fair in Munich
Legendary fetish shop in Paris - and its services
Italian bisexual community
Excellent fetish shop
BDSM-equipped bed and breakfast in Brighton, UK
Tips for handling mentally unwell playpartners
Piercing and body mod studio in Lecco
Everything about bullwhips
Famous retreat focused on the spirituality of BDSM
One of the most important resources about BDSM in Germany
BDSM club in Munich
Spanking implements specialists
Manufacturer of spectacular jewel-like canes
Custom permanent male chastity devices
Clearinghouse for alternative sexualities information and research
Real-life library dedicated to preserve the history of BDSM culture
Rentable summer home for BDSM vacations
A life dedicated to tightlacing
Unusual fetish clothing
BDSM club in Hamburg
Straightjackets and extreme bondage implements
Manufacturer of the world's best selling make chastity devices
Nipple stretchers for piercings and more
Exclusive UK fetish parties organized by Skin Two founder Tim Woodward
Community about forced chastity, especially male
Great resources collection about chastity devices
The largest online cilices vendor
Kinky film festival in New York (and on tour)
The largest clinic play event in Europe
Fetish club in London
Fetish club in London
The Hamburg version of the Doma club
Fetish events in London
Shop specializing in very elegant and very expensive toys
Latex uniforms and dresses specialists
Fetish and BDSM oriented bar in London
International BDSM personal ads
Legal analysis of consent in American kink
PVC sheets and erotic clothing
Huge collection of information about corporal punishments in schools and courts
Information and supplies for corsets makers
Leather fetish fashion
Excellent, comprehensive online bondage course
Forum dedicated to erotic crucifixion
The largest handcuffs shop in the world
Multi-day workshop and play event about approaching kink in Victoria, Australia
Fetish clothing
Latex accessories for sensorial deprivation and more
BDSM manuals publisher
Online shop for Fifties' fetish clothing
Portal website for non-white people BDSM
Extreme eroticism study holidays
BDSM and fetish club in Örebro, Sweden
Amazing BDSM information resource. Don't miss the chronology starting in 1800
The alternative sexualities activist who, among other things, invented the 'SSC' slogan.
The most important publication about prodommes in the world
Large fetish shop franchise
The articulate thoughts of a BDSM essayist
Reviews and information about male chastity devices
Erotic furniture
Great study about dangerous deviations within BDSM dynamics
Metal art dildos
Thick rubber male clothing
Websites containing a big archive of the former Edizioni Moderne publishing house
Everything about spanking
Large yearly gathering of rubberdolls in London, UK
Forum for human dolls enthusiasts
Rubberdolls community
Legendary BDSM club, now just a dominastudio
Very good information about a serious approach to BDSM
Large fetish and BDSM shop in Koln
Large portal website about BDSM in Switzerland
Interesting fetish party in the Netherlands
Everything about the author of History of O
Kinky group travels for femdoms and their slaves
Good quality information articles
Partial Italian translation of the Bondage University course
Guide to female humiliation
Violet wand and electroplay specialist
Bondage and self-bondage tutorials
Programmable, remote-controlled shocking male chastity device
Public humiliation swimwear
High-tech rolling cases for kinky toys transport
Rentable dungeon in San Diego
BDSM dungeon to rent in Milano, Italy
Good international list of rentable playspaces
BDSM resources in Southern Germany
Advanced electroplay toys
Advanced electroplay toys
Unique steel toys
Extreme play tools experts
Artisanal kangaroo hide whips
Electroplay specialists
Animalplay latex clothing and more
Everything about the BDSM emblem
G-strings for clitoral stimulation
Bondage tutorials, blog, links and resources
Basic information about enemas
BDSM and fetish club in Berlin
The main ponyplay magazine
Wonderful and massive BDSM furniture
Chainmail fetish clothing
Steel toys
Gothic and dungeon furniture
Big personal ads website for German-speaking countries
Rentable holiday apartment with dungeon between Bremen and Groningen
The biggest Italian erotic stories archive
Gorgeous and expensive BDSM cottage in England
Artisanal whips
Electroplay specialists
Collars specifically designed for permanent use
Innovative latex clothing
Female fetish kidnappers agency
Heavy bondage and BDSM toys and furniture
Just what the name says
An interesting alternative view of BDSM safety dogmas
Corsets and goth clothing
Fetish items shop - but not in the sense you are thinking of
Stylish (and uncomfortable) metal chastity belts
Very high quality catsuits and vacuum beds
Manufacturer of very strict steel chastity devices
Dance and BDSM
Resource collection about the "desperation" genre
Artificial feminization "skin"
Virtual restraints museum
Stylish dungeon for rent in Munich, Germany
Exceptionally researched blog about fetish before the 1970s
BDSM events calendar for Germany
Film festival in Kiel, Germany
BDSM and sex furniture
Fetish and BDSM personal ads website
Swiss and German-speaking countries fetish and BDSM party calendar
Legendary Halloween fetish party in Las Vegas, USA
BDSM club in Antwerp
BDSM club in Barcelona
Fetish clinic for medical play enthusiasts
Grand multi-day fetish event in Germany
Fetish shop also catering for plus sizes
Big information collection about BDSM practices
Splendid BDSM playspace for rent in SW England
Nice rentable dungeon out of London
Original fetish shop
Excellent fetish webmagazine
Dungeon furniture and refined bondage toys
Bondage tools, especially metal
All about the use of ginger in BDSM
Huge geographical directory of kinky events and groups
Fireplay bullwhips
Simple and cheap flogger-building instruction
European edition of the largest American queer event
Epic queer event in San Francisco, USA
Interesting, clever and endless discussion about domestic discipline
Foot modification for ultra-high heels wearing
Large dungeon for rent in London
Adult baby clothing
Everything about human furniture
Construction plans for "invisible" BDSM furniture
Sissy maids portal website
Unusual fetish couturier
Between BDSM and standup comedy, the shop and the tutorials of a Scene legend
Transforming and very complex dungeon furniture
Italy's largest BDSM personal ads website, featuring forums, stories and more
Small but very active BDSM club in Berlin
Fetish party in Lisboa, Portugal
Very complete portal website to the gay BDSM scene
Yearly fetish party and exhibition in Berlin
Italian whipmaker
Online shop for vintage corsetry
Glass dildos, plugs and more
Museum and history of the GLBT culture in San Francisco, USA
Personal website of the BDSM manuals author
Legendary piercer and performer in Milano
Small and elegant fetish club in Offenbach
The Insex story documentary
Quality wooden BDSM implements specialist
The online community for BDSM in Greece
Major BDSM manuals publisher
Huge and elegant fetish shop in Berlin
Outstanding collection of foot fetish resources
Male chastity devices accessory: pleasureless penetration
Online museum of high heels
Excellent scholastic blog about the evolution of BDSM in history
Virtual stage for BDSM exhibitionists
Female lingerie designed to fit men
Ponyplay hooved gloves building tutorial
Vibrators specifically designed for men
Kinky hotel in Tokyo, Japan
BDSM-friendly bar in Lisboa, Portugal
Major fetish clothing brand and shop
New Zealand BDSM hotel
BDSM-ready apartment for rent in London
Personal website of a famous ponyplay enthusiast
Online shop for heavy BDSM toys
Unusual fetish shop
Excellent German BDSM magazine
Trashy Italian foot fetish magazine
Rope finishing tutorial
High-end fetish clothing
Fetish club in Berlin
A collection of thoughtful articles about submission and 24/7 slavery
International petgirls community
Male rubber clothing
Community for taboo (incl. illegal) fetishes
Handmade Italian fetish shoes
Story of O-inspired BDSM parties in Germany
Petplay natural tails
Latex couturier
Pretty inexpensive BDSM toys shop
Famous ponyplay and extreme bondage expert
Dungeon furniture and portable sling manufacturer
Probably the largest BDSM toy shop in the world
Online shop specializing in Japanese sex toys
Fetish raincoats
Extremely resilient latex clothing
Elegant latex dresses
Articles and news about Japanese bondage
Dungeons for rent all over the world
Organizers of fetish holidays in the Caribbean
Abandoned yet rich collecton of scientific works about kink
Sex toys reviews
Silly and fabulous badges in recognition of outstanding BDSM performance
Giant strap-on dildo harnesses
Large Dutch Gorean website
Jew BDSM community based in New York, USA
High quality handmade petplay accessories
High quality kinkbaku ropes and materials
Sex-positive social network for polyamorists and more
Elegant fisting-themed bed and breakfast in Assigny, France
Large extreme shoes online shop
Original BDSM jewelry for female genitals
Bondage workshops in Torino, Italy
Nice BDSM club in Los Angeles
Very active BDSM club in Barcelona
Latex superhero costumes and more
Bespoke latex specialists
Metallized, marbled, textured latex
Hoods, masks and other rubber restraints
Exclusive fetish party in Dortmund
Latex-only events in Germany
Online encyclopedia about latex fetishism
Leather club and association in Milano, Italy
Leather culture museum in Chicago
The most important leather community in Italy
Articles, conferences and more about leathersex
Updates from the North American leather Scene
Bespoke leather clothing in Berlin
Personal website of Jack Rinella, BDSM educator and activist
Leather personal ads website
Kink activist with a special interest in the spiritual side of unusual sex
Main Italian online BDSM community
Analysis of BDSM according to the Italian law
Important ruling of the European Court about BDSM
Petplay accessories
Information for senior queers
Vast erotic online library
Erotic furniture
Wien BDSM association
High quality fetish clothing
Fetish couturier
Personal website of one of the funniest BDSM educator and activist
BDSM and fetish market in London
Rentable dungeon in London
The most famous BDSM and fetish market in the world
Informal BDSM gatherings in London
Wonderful handcrafted whips and more
Unique latex clothing
Kinky shop with a cool plus-size lingerie section
Latex fetish news and resources
Jewelry padlocks for chastity devices
BDSM online magazine
Original latex clothing shop in Madrid
Original metal male chastity devices
Ponygirl boots making tutorial
Latex clothing making tutorial
Metal male chastity devices
Online shop of the famous fetish magazine. Great rubber department
Special handcuffs and extreme metal bondage tools
Big resources collection about female masks
One of the world's most serious association for BDSM culture
Steel BDSM toys
Bespoke male chastity devices
Exotic bondage ropes
The most complete prodommes directory in the world
Well-done guides to anal sex and other basic practices
Support center for BDSM-related emergencies
Custom tawses
Dirt-cheap BDSM tools
Latex couture for everyday use
The most important clinical toys supplier in the world
A blog about the Glenn Marcus case, BDSM and the law
Candles specifically designed for wax play
Unique and severe BDSM toys
News from the high tech sex world
Metal fetish accessories
Elegant corsets, also bespoke
The World's most famous crossdressing academy, in NY
BDSM furniture
Custom temporary tattoos, like branding tests
Straightjackets and restrictive clothing specialists
Annual gathering of extreme genital modifications enthusiasts
Italian largest personal ads website
Bespoke corsets
Major gay BDSM shop franchise
Chaps and military fetish clothing specialists
Large online shop with many unique items
Probably the most important kink education organization in the world
One of the world's best erotic bookstores, in Paris
Bondage tutorials
Metal chastity devices specialist
UK attorney fighting for the freedom of sexuality and porn
Online magazine from a BDSM bookstore
Portal website about fetish stockings
Organization protecting the rights of people into alternative sexualities
Chastity belts (also electrified ones)
Everything about the BDSM use of nettles
Grand fetish event in New York
New Zealand BDSM resources collection
Pumping and genital modifications forum
Violet wands specialists
Public humiliation swimwear
Straightjackets specialists
BDSM club in Oslo, Norway
Elegant heavy leather collars, handcuffs and more
Nylon whips shop and tutorials
Outstanding ponyplay resort in Kent, UK
The most important French fetish party, in Paris
A collection of behavior rules for slavegirls
Dresses, jewelry, movies... everything inspired by History of O
International objectophiles association
Ironic fetish event in Zaandam, Netherlands
Fetish event in Hamburg
The largest polyamory conference in Italy
Teasing & denial community
Official website of the famous (and now closed) femdom resort
Leather disciplinary tools
Touring fetish event in Germany
Piercing and body modification supplies and information
Fetish and Fifties' lingerie specialists
Manufacturer of the most advanced electroplay toys in the world
Munches and more in Paris
Leather-covered steel collars and handcuffs
Spanking club
Whips and whipping implements specialists
Tunnel plugs specialists
Leather and rubber event in Berlin
Latex and leather fetish outfits
Everything about petplay
Feminization art history
Inexpensive fetish shop
Electroplay toys
Belts transforming into bondage tools
Black contact lenses for sensorial deprivation
Italian polyamory community
Resources collection about poliamory
Dating service for polyamorous relationships
Toys for tentacle sex and alien impregnation fetishists
Unique BDSM toys
latex clothing and accessories
Bespoke corsets
Online shop for extreme shoes
BDSM-themed jewelry
Jail and corrective furniture, tools and clothing
Italian rigger and kinbaku scholar
BDSM and fetish bar in Tokyo
Personal blog of one of the foremost educators about leathersex
Latex of every type and color, in sheet and rolls
Bondage rope of every kind and color
Vintage porn specialists
Fetish clothing and BDSM toys, also bespoke
Bondage safety information
Legendary BDSM party in Hamburg
Portable slings and bondage beds
A complete collection of polyamory resources in Italy
International activists for BDSM pride
Seriously, it's what the name says
BDSM and fetish stuff factory outlet
Famous leather shop
Leather residence in Berlin
World champion bullwhip expert
Handcrafted, high tech erotic furniture
Robotic spanking machine
Midori's touring shibari school
BDSM party in Roma, Italy
Unique bondage toy
Metal toys and accessories
Latex clothing, including an incredible human-dog suit
Rubber-scented perfume
Strictly rubber and latex party in London
Shop specializing in rubber toys and clothing
Very unusual rubber masks and clothing
Annual rubberdolls convention in the USA
Original latex clothing and accessories
The memories of Jim Ward, the pioneer of modern piercing
Wonderful dungeon furniture, ponygirl gear and more
Online shop featuring some unique items
Quality BDSM party in Milano
Excellent gay BDSM online magazine
Phone app to set up automated safe calls when meeting new people
BDSM toys construcion tutorials
High quality artisanal bondage and BDSM toys
BDSM furniture
A community dedicated to toiletplay and more
Large community for toiletsports lovers
Online fetish magazine
The main German BDSM magazine
Metalized latex clothing and more
Academic project collecting serious research about BDSM
Designer's fetish items
Courses in Rome and online tutorials
Italy's largest fetish party
BDSM makers community
The world's largest self-bondage resource
Rich French-speaking BDSM portal website
Smart sex education from Jacopo Fo
Fetish shop in Milano
A collection of ongoing sexuality surveys
Excellent science-based blog about sexuality and kink
Inexpensive online sex shop with an interesting bondage department
Liquid-proof bedsheets for dirty sex games
Kinky club in Berlin, Germany
Japanese bondage convention in Chicago
A rather good scat play primer
Great information resource about scatplay
Ultra high heels specialist
Splendid kinky furniture for mobility-impaired people
Latex clothing couturier
Incredibly realistic sex dolls
BDSM camping in Northern Europe
Extreme shoes specialists, also for bespoke designs
Fetish hub in the United Kingdom
UK fetish events
BDSM parties and workshops in Singapore
Comparative guide to sex lubes, including special purposes ones
BDSM-ready rental apartments in Berlin
BDSM club in Crimmitschau, Germany
Large BDSM community born out of an important chatroom
Great BDSM-friendly villa in Mallorca
BDSM furniture and tools
Carter Stevens' BDSM magazine archives
Steel bondage toys and more
"Invisible" BDSM furniture
Large information repository about BDSM
Exceptional steel toys and items
Detailed map of BDSM resources in Germany
Support resources for BDSM coming out or outing
Smith specializing in BDSM furniture and items
BDSM-ready rental apartment in Greece
Intense steel BDSM toys
Very active BDSM group in Munchen
BDSM hotel in Forbach, Germany
The meeting point for sneeze fetishists
One of the most important BDSM associations in the world, in San Francisco
Elegant art and fetish webmagazine
Article collection about various sides of BDSM relationships
An intelligent blog dedicated to all forms of spanking
Bi-monthly spanking party in Hamburg
Stylish and comfortable strap-on harness
A funny and poignant critique of the BDSM world
Splendid rentable BDSM loft in Los Angeles
The world's main resource about corsets fetish
Belgian BDSM community, magazine and events
Custom extreme genital jewelry
Slavegirls auction in Berlin
Famous leather boots online shop
Dungeon furniture and tools
Heavy rubber online shop
Very high quality erotic furniture
Grand fetish event in Munich
An BDSM information resources collection
BDSM-friendly camping site in Germany
BDSM group in Augsburg
Dungeon furniture
Fetish couturier specializing in unusual styles
Disciplinary school for English students, ponygirls and maids
Online fetish magazine
Historic BDSM education group
Portable trusses for suspension bondage
Parody news about BDSM that really hit the spot
Slave training center in NY
Excellent BDSM online magazine
Erotic fantasy costumes
Historical BDSM divulgation association
Steel plugs, dildos and accessories
Under-35 BDSM munches in Italy
Male and female corsets
International toiletslave register and forum
The best chastity belts in the world
Great masks and leather clothing
Grand fetish events in the UK
All you need for feminization play
A thought-provoking article about pornography laws, especially in Japan
Inexpensive and efficient torture toys
Good source for electroplay toys
Leather fetish clothing
Just what the name says
Online encyclopedia about unusual sex
Historical analysis of erotic publications in the United States
Everything about the classic electrical toy
Violet wands specialists
Clothed females, naked males website
Giant rubber tongues and throats for vore play
Huge bi-annual fetish party in Amsterdam
Ponyplay specialists
A smart blog about kinky relationships, chastity and more
Vintage stockings and lingerie
A source for extremely inexpensive (yet not always top quality) BDSM toys Fonte estremamente economica (ma non sempre di altissima qualità) di articoli BDSM
Piercing tools and steel toys
Good collection of essays about the reality of 24/7 relationships
Quality wooden and custom paddles
Pissing community organizing large themed events
Furries and petplay specialist store
Online bookstore specializing in alternative sexualities
Beautiful bespoke latex sheets
Unique fetish-steampunk couturier
Dildos modeled after animal penises
Animalsex information
Zoophiles' community
Handcrafted rubber clothing, also bioluminescent
Everything about straightjackets
BDSM - A guide for explorers of extreme eroticism

BDSM – A Guide for Explorers of Extreme Eroticism

The best-selling European manual and the most comprehensive book on the topic, now finally available in English!